Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Last week we had a little conflab here.... to look at them, can you imagine the energy emanating from them to cause mayhem?  No....  well you would be wrong....
Don't know what Luci does (it is not like I ignore them and don't watch what is going on)  BUT sayin' that..... you can't be watching them ALL the time.....  I call it Luci posturing....  she looks over her shoulder, gets all stiff legged, walks really slow.....  and it gets on Carl's nerves.....  his last nerve, so to say  :)
She wants to be friends, most of the time..... and even play at times.  He does NOT!!  He does not want her in his room (Brian's)  she does not care if he is in our room, but NOT on the bed or near her bed by my chair.  That is hers...
Food is another thing... they are fed in different rooms.... yet he has to walk by her to get into the utility room where I feed him, but there is like 3 feet separating them, yet at times this is not enough for her and growling takes place

Saying all of that.... last Monday...and this has happened before, just not to this staggering degree AND it always only happens when Brian is home, like Carl has to show him that he IS the boss of the house and that shitty little dog!!!  Refer back to the pictures... aren't they sweet tho??
WELL.... Luci was going to her bed, doing her stiff legged, look over the shoulder thing.  I am sitting right here in my chair...  Carl follows her over then after her---- and let me tell you at this point it gets frightening, when he opens that mouth of his- It gets HUGE.. Luci starts screaming..yes, indeedy.. just this high pitched screaming/yipping...growling going on and snapping, scrabbling around with all 8 feet, Brian rushes over to grab Carl.... all I have to do is lean over, stick out my feet between them.   He bit Luci.. just a little scratch, she continues screaming and holding her right front leg out at an odd angle, blood dripping from it.  But only from one little puncture wound.  I thought her leg might be dislocated the way she was holding it..... was NOT.... it rotated fine, no escalation in sounds or shrieking......  just some drops of blood....  I think she was saying  "OMG!!!!  LOOK WHAT HE HAS DONE TO ME!!!!"
Now I know he was really easy on her and it could have been so much worse, I thought it was so much worse based alone on her response, but apparently she is a little drama queen.  She is spoiled and gets pretty much whatever she wants, that is just the way I am.  Not very aggressive or insistent on her doing exactly what she ought to be doing...
Carl was impounded in the bedroom... after 1/2 hour he was let out and just wiggled and was a happy dog, no memory at all.  NOW  Luci was still whimpering/shivering and giving him the evil eye... from clear across the room.
Gave her a warm bath. Cleaned her up, put on Neosporin.  Held her in a warm towel.  She was limping around for a day,  but now all is fine.  Like nothing happened and I, apparently, am the only one with PTSD  :)    HA!
 Until next time....

refer back to pictures... aren't they sweet??


  1. I just can't stand it when dogs fight or even growl at each other. When I had Lady and Mandy in my 5th wheel, Lady would growl if Mandy tried to eat out of her bowl at the same time as Lady was eating. I put a quick end to that crap, and let them both know I was the alpha! Gosh how I need another dog!

  2. Ha Ha! Just like having a houseful of kids!

  3. Just glad it wasn't any worse. So far we haven't had many issues with the girls but Scooter is getting grumpier as she gets older.

  4. How about a suit of mail for Luci?

  5. Yup our doxies are drama queens.

  6. I wonder if you could feed Carl in his bedroom? And put Luci's food in a corner that he wouldn't be walking by? Katie can be very protective, too. Of me, of her food, of her treats, of her motor home, etc. It can be a real pain sometimes. But that's the way she is, and I've tried for years to change her, just isn't happenin'.

    It's so stressful when the little critters aren't being nice to each other. :(

  7. I know this was not funny at the time, but reading it was hilarious!! Luci's picture looks like "who me??". Carl looks Luke "huh"? Great story. Tell Carl to apologize to the queen if he knows what is good for him. LOL