Saturday, June 28, 2014

hit a deer!!!

Here is the front of the car.....
We were making good time.. left at 6:16am and was just south of Crescent at 9:15p  and boom!!!  had JUST said.. we need to look out for deer and it was upon us.... from right side of road and it was flung over to the left..  Sacia had even slowed down... as there was a 40mph sign just ahead, and she did not try to miss it,  as her dad and mine always said to hit the deer (or whatever) because trying to avoid it can kill you, cause you to roll over or hit a tree or whatever....  she did put on the brakes tho, so we had slowed down from 55 pretty well.....

Amazingly, there were people living right by there that heard the hit and came running out to see what was up, the car behind us stopped... we were all ok, airbags did not even deploy...
the guys that came called a wrecker, that was only 10 min away, we all piled in there, he loaded up the car and off we went to continue  the journey to Redmond.  Got home at midnight!!!!  Takes awhile to get the car up on the truck then off and driving fairly slow all the way....
The guys did not think, it being a hybrid and the front smooshed as it was, it should be driven in case the motor got ruined, if not more....
And of course Saturday everything is closed and she can't rent another car.  But if worse happens, she can always use mine, I can use the pick-up....



 Here we all are in happier times...  all ready at the beginning of the drive, in the driveway.  It was Foggy when we left, Pics I took did not turn out at all  ;0
Little Clo  all excited about going to see 'Nannie"
And here is what she looked like for most of the trip, when she was not watching her TV or yelling at us to read to her  :)
Fortunately she did not see the 'hit' as she was looking at her TV!!!  One good thing.  I will have nightmares, but she won't....  :(

It is a good thing it did not come thru the windshield the way it hit and that we are all OK!!!!

Take Care and God Bless

Love one another!!


  1. Sorry about the damage to the car but so thankful you are all ok.!

  2. Oh Loree how scary. So glad you are all OK. Poor deer and poor car.

  3. Oh, no! Glad to hear that you are all physically okay,

  4. I always worry about that happening when I see those signs showing deer crossings. I'm so glad you are all okay!

  5. Glad it was not worse! I am the only one left in my family who has not hit a deer yet!

  6. Sorry for the end of this trip but so glad you are all OK.

  7. Oh Loree, so very sorry about that deer and glad you are all OK. I absolutely despise driving 97 for that very reason. All the trucks go way too fast and then there are the deer. I'll go over the mountain sometimes to avoid 97. Of course, there are deer on 140 too, and deer on Rocky Point road. We need mores wolves and cougars around to take care of this deer population methinks.