Friday, June 20, 2014


My brother's dogs...  Keeper, Dixie, Gracie, Pud....   they were 'locked up' because sil-Rita was babysitting and the four of them are a little rambunctious for little ones...

Tried to do yard and lawn mower broke, so had to take it to get fixed,  fuel line was bad and carburetor needed work.... poor thing, already got it back and am raring to go, to get yard in shape...  Got some mint from a friend and a couple strawberry plants..put those in.. always nice to get things from friends, they mean more... those are Mary's berries  :)

Having people over for the 4th so got a grill, that Bri needs to put together.
Speaking of him, he will be 44 tomorrow... how did that happen, when I am not even THAT old????  He was born on Father's Day 1970... 

Went to a trunk sale today where they had some Cabi!!!!  Got 5 pieces for the cost of ONE normal price,  am so stoked.... SCORE!!!!  A pair of black slacks that I felt I really needed to have for dress up times, when ever that may be, I am ready...  not like I have job interviews to go to anymore...  But there is the odd funeral now and again that I need to be properly attired for.....

Does anyone watch "CrossBones" on NBC I think... Fridays 10pm... JOHN MALKOVICH... OMG  he is SO good, what an awful, slimy person he plays... Blackbeard....  I am a sucker for pirates shows  :)

Take Care All!!!!


  1. Those are some great looking dogs, but I bet they could egg each other on to get a little wild. They do look plumb pitiful, especially the one in the middle in the back.

  2. We have our hands full with two old dogs. Four full of energy would do me in also. Have Luci and Carl made up?