Saturday, June 14, 2014

Yard Art

 Love the yard art that people put out,  this is in my brother's yard in Madras.  Am sure my SIL is behind most of it... BUT the hanging things I think Jerry did  :)
And all the lovely petunias about are jolly and sweet and just thriving.

think the wash tub and enamel wear is cool, saw something similar to it on Pinterest just this last week and wish I had all of these hens and chickens!!!

 Here we are in Bend at the Stamping person's house.  We go there once a month for workshops, making cool Stampin' Up things,  cards and gift things....  she has LOTS of things about, that I have taken pictures of off and on.  She uses petunia's in peculiar places too!!!  Love this toilet by the mail box...

 She also had a heart and this cute little birdhouse with matching pansies about it...

It is uncommonly cool here with continuing winds.... supposed to get a little tinsy warmer tomorrow and somewhat better next week, but no where near where it is supposed to be.  Had a couple good days, then this...  ack!!!!  But can't even remember the number of times have practically frozen while watching the fireworks July 4th...
 Did not even feel the urge to go out and mow the lawn in this weather..well like it is really bad or something, actually it is pleasant,  just not the norm and can't wear summer clothes or would freeze myself.

Had last yoga class Wednesday and the whole time went really well and think I progressed... they have yoga on opb and have a couple classes taped, so am going to have to resort to those.  There is also the gym....  have gone there for the treadmill 3 days last week and expect to do the same this coming week.  Stay for 30 min.. they also have yoga, so will have to try them out too.  Some are just too advanced for me and do not want to get discouraged,  but just do what I can, I guess  :)
This is also a cute idea for a faux birdhouse and would be easy enough to make...

Seeds not yet up from the grass I threw out or the garden I put in.... have got to remember to water that also  :(.....  Flowers are doing well.  Which is cause for happiness....

Hope All is well where you are

Take Care & God Bless


  1. If I remember about hens & chickens, all you need is one or two and you will soon be overrun with them! I wouldn't mind some chilly weather right now.

  2. When does summer head your way? Glad to hear you are enjoying your yoga. It really is great for keeping us limber and our balance good as we age.

  3. I love yard art,too, but I'm not fond of bathroom fixtures in the yard. If I ever have a yard of my own again, I'm going to have fun with it. I'm saving lots of Pinterest ideas. Just in case. :)