Monday, July 21, 2014


Everyone has gone.... Sacia & Chloe back home in California.  Looks like it is getting HOT down there.
 I am just putzing about.... if I decide to DO things there is never a lack of things to do.  Did cut down some limbs on trees out back and fir tree in the front.  At least the ones I could reach from the ground, did not think it a good idea to be climbing up a ladder by myself :)  ,  and that my lopper would go around easily.  So now I am off to the dump.. Still working on pictures..  decided to go thru and throw away ones that are repetitive and no good to my standards now....  When I am gone, can hardly think that people will want to  see thousands of flowers or the same pictures of the beach over and over.  Kept good ones and am going to make  albums for family of the family pictures... So that is strung out all over the bedroom and have envelopes for different people.  Am sure they will be thrilled to have pictures from ages ago!!!  Ha!!!
Watch out Darah and Carol, your name is one quite a few!!!
Also have the house to clean again, so I have things to do,  just have to get 'in the mood'

Take Care all  and God Bless

(the picture above was taken with my phone!!!  weird how a person can do that now)


  1. Since I just trimmed two trees in my daughters yard, I know you deserve a good rest:)

  2. You'll be so glad you organized photos for your family. I started all the way back to when my oldest son was little & am nearly done. I bought Costco photo albums to put all of them in. My oldest granddaughter was with us last weekend--she loved looking through the old photos. It was crazy disorganized for awhile (4 different groups--the 3 boys & I) but worth it in the long run! Enjoy your project!

  3. When I have gone through family photos after the owner has died the thing I wished most that they had done was put the names of the people on the backs. Even a note on who they were would help. But have I done that on mine? Nope. It's a BIG project but it would be even bigger now with all the digital photos.