Thursday, July 17, 2014


 This is truly one of the FUN things to do in Bend, Oregon..  There are tubes for rent or you can bring your own.  You see all sorts of things being used, even bed air mattresses...Get in the Deschutes River by the Parks offices down by the Old Mill area.  Then just float down.... You get out at the Colorado Bridge and portage around the fall area, get back in and then get out at the 'take out' point.  There is a bus coming by every half hour,  $3 for all day Tuesday-Thursday and $1.50 the rest of the week, to ride all day long.  Can get back to beginning , then do it again.  Takes about 2 hours to do.  It is great fun and lots of laughs..... 
Sacia got a thing that fits in the car lighter area to fill the tubes, so it did not take much time!!  I have to get one... only $9.99.  I have one but uses electricity and have to then take the BIG tubes in the car with you  :)
So... some people had a blow up device......

AND some people did not....  :)   hahahaha

We had a great time  and it was not really too hot today, in the upper 80's, clear blue skies....
As you can see by Sacia's hat, she has been to Redmond's new brewery Wild Ride Brewery..

Here is Captain Doofus, going under one of the bridges....

Here is Ms  Doofus.....  just floating along
Such a good, FUN day!!!!
Take Care All


  1. That looks like so much fun and the cost is really reasonable.

  2. Wow does that look like fun. I could definitely do that all day long over and over. Wish they had had something like that for the James River. No transport back up so it was a two car deal. You sure look like you are having a great time, all of you.

  3. If you do not mind repeats, we should do this when I come and visit!

  4. Love all the pictures, especially Captain Doofus. Yall look like you're have so much fun. Wish we had a tubbing river near by. I love the Gulf (Galveston, TX) but salt water is not as fun as clear water.