Thursday, July 10, 2014


We have had temps in the mid 90's for a week now and no surcease on the horizon!!  Next week looks worse than this one, so we should be thankful for what we have.!!
Mowed the lawn this morning, trimmed tonight in the evening coolness..  been watering my zuchinni every day.. a little..  it gets so HOT on that south side of the house.
Luci woke this morning with back issues, so have her on a regimen of anti-inflammatory and pain pills, my little drugged out doglet  :)  but at least she is not waddling around crying, but just laying in her little bed.  Keep checking on her to make sure she is breathing...  poor thing.. Carl is the same,  big, dirty, hot and disgusting.....  My grand-niece, Chloe decided this year that she would scream whenever Carl got near her, such a fun time,  but by the end of the day (July 4th)  she had decided he was pretty ok and no threat....  no really NOT!!!! But he is scary looking and bigger than her..
Full, shiny, silver  moon and pink thunder clouds out my window..  there have been LOTS of lightning strikes and storms, south and east of here, but we have not gotten anything...  just some banging and flashing in the far distance... Bend got a couple pouring rains..  we--none....
For the last month I have had some buzzing/beeping in my dashboard area of the Element.... did not take it in as it might go away, don't 'ya know???  but just got worse... Happens from 40-60 mph.  It could be bad.. electronic??  expensive????  finally took it to Honda dealer.  they had me take them for a ride, so they could hear it....  It was the windshield that had beeen replaced in Nov '13...  the seal was broken or some such....  where did I get that darn thing fixed, had to go to the insurance company as did not want to drive all the way home, just to have to go back to Bend (22 miles)  they have no records as windshields are repaired by a contracted company- Lynx... so had to call them, they had no record, I argued, they found it!!!  Electronic filed in wrong place!!!!  SO then to B& D Auto Glass (I thought that was where I went, but who knew) Went on another ride with another service repairman... so they could hear the noise.  Both places looked at me like I was crazy or hearing something... Well, YES, there IS a noise there isn't there,  Well, yes, indeedy!!. They squirted some glue into the rubber thing holding the window in... put BRIGHT yellow duck tape over it for a day.   Well, my, that is pretty... Is this the repair? If it does not work, they will have to reset the window.....  Well, let's hope it works!!!  Had NO noise on the way home.... It had really gotten annoying to have that beeping going on!!!  Everyone was most kind and helpful, once I took a stand that it NEEDED to be fixed.. today!!!  As I was on my last nerve  :)

Take Care all


  1. I just hate to have to deal with folks who don't want to make something right that they should, so I can feel what you went through. Hopefully it's taken care of and you won't have any more problems.

  2. I had that happen to me and when the rain came so did the flood in the car. They came out and said they fixed the problem the rains came hard and fast, when I opened the door I couldn't believe the water in my care. Had to have the windshield replaced again but somewhere else. It never leaked again. Hope they fixed yours.

  3. I always hated having a "noise" in the car because it would never happen when I took the car to a repair shop. At least now I have Jim and he can drive the stupid thing until he hears the noise. Sure hope the repair works for you. Poor Luci - They hurt so bad when they move wrong. Keeping her still is the best thing every. In the 90's here every day also. Guess it's better than 110 down in Phoenix.

  4. Love a picture of CARL no matter what you all think. He's great! Just look at that face. But Poor Luci. So sorry to hear about her back. Sure hope it cools off for you guys in that heat I would be in no mood to fiddle around with repair people who can't get their act together. You did very well.