Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How come??

It is 72 degrees here in the house... that is the temp I try to get to in the Winter by turning the heat up to that, but now it is cold, I am cold.. I am not cold at that temp in the winter, why is that cold in here in the summer???
It is hard to understand....
I know those of you in the Southwest, right now, don't feel too awful sorry for me with your temps in the 100's.. but.. just wondering.

This little duck is on a statue in downtown Bend.. people put hats, scarfs and wreaths (xmas) on him and the man beside him..  he is cold right now too!!  :)

Just wait tho, by the end of the week and next week we are supposed to be back up into the 90's... I am waiting and NOT turning on the hear!!  72 is just right (in the winter only apparently)  We have been having nice soaking showers off and on.. hope it is helping the fires, it never lasts very long.. thunder and lots of lightning strikes too!!  We will see if the rain helps or the lightning is a bad thing and we get more fires...  that would NOT be a good thing...

Take Care all


  1. Are you sure that you didn't make that hat, Loree? ;-)

  2. I've noticed that same thing with winter and summer temperatures. I usually just put on more clothes especially a hat and sox. Although for me, my hair is so thick I don't need a hat.

  3. I laugh at your observation about the difference in 72 in the summer and 72 in the winter. My husband and I ponder this phenomenon all the time. This coming week in Western Washington, east of I-5, we are suppose to experience temperatures in the upper 70s and 80s. Of course, this is when we are headed to the coast, where it will be 10 degrees cooler....and of course, I am afraid I will be "cold". Oh well, it is always easier to put on more clothes to get warm, than to take off more clothes to get cool. At some point, you just get stuck. Happy camping!