Sunday, July 6, 2014

Scout Lake

We were there early about 10am.  Looking to the right

Looking to the left

Niece Sacia, Grand nieces Harley and Chloe

Sacia and Chloe and Nephew Keenon and his daughter Harley

Keenon, Chloe and Harley, riding a log!!!
It was really warm,  the water a bit chilly, I never got in... About 1:20p  USFS showed up and Luci was thrown off the beach!!!!  apparently a small dog laying on a blanket at your feet, on a leash, is a threat to the environment!!! 
I DO really resent being treated as a flake.... and being punished because OTHER people do NOT take care of their dogs.  Keep them leashed, then pick up after them.  He said there was no telling where the dogs would go to the bathroom.  I TOLD him, oh yes there was, as I had her on a short leash and would know when and where she would pick, then it would be immediately picked up.. made NO difference.  I spent the next 2 1/2 hours in the car, in the shade...fortunately, in the parking lot!  .. but still.....  it was my choice.  The rest of the family could not have all gotten home in one car, with two child's car seats... and did not want to cut short their day.  AND I was fine, read and  there was a nice breeze.  BUT I was not in the bosom of my family  :)  (AND yes, it was posted, I actually parked right next the no dog sign, but I still felt it did not really apply to ME  :)  becuz I take care of Luci.. she is NOT allowed to roam free and I clean up after her and walk her away from where humans go or are at.  So what is the prob?????
Oh well... it was still a good day...
Take Care all & God Bless


  1. I really hate the fact that all dogs are treated like they are the enemy because of some owners. We always and I mean always pick up after our girls. And do they really think there aren't all kinds of other animals out there peeing on that beach.

  2. HAHAHA... Sandie... I did NOT think of that!!!! and it IS true.. there ARE other animals peeing on that beach!!!! Probably MUCH larger animals!!!

  3. I have to disagree with you on this one. If you knew it was posted for no dogs, I think Luci should have stayed home with Carl. It's been my experience that too many people don't think rules apply to them. (whether you are a responsible owner or not is irrelevant.) Just my opinion here. Nothing mean meant.

  4. Dog rules can be a pain in the neck until someone has a random dog running around pooping. Of course ours don't do that, but it seems that the rules have to apply to the lowest common denominator. It sure does make for some unhappy outdoor adventures for dog owners, however. Especially at beaches and lakes. We have found that there are usually places adjacent to the main swimming beach where the dogs can go. Sure looked pretty up there and I didn't see you swatting mosquitoes either.

  5. Well... I did not know there were no dogs allowed until we actually got there.... it never occurred to me. And had I had Carl, he is different from my little dog and he would not have gone down to the lake...

  6. I guess the problem is that the rules can't apply to only the jerks or they will complain that "it's not fair". That water sure does look inviting. And everyone looks like they are really having fun. Could Luci have waited in the car in the shade for some of the time? Maybe just take a nap?