Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Walk

Today we walked around Community Farewell Bend park.  It was a nice walk, then got school clothes for grandkids at JC Penney & Target  :)  Fun shopping.  Been home most all afternoon, talking, eating, watching tv, reading.  Quiet, pleasant evening..

Tomorrow we have to get up at 3:30am for fast trip to the airport, will drive by, push Patti out- then go back home to bed.....  HA!  She will take 12 hours to get home, LONG lay over in SF.. There was just no way to get there from here  ....  Am SO going to miss having someone to knock about with....

Have to tell u about the little altercation I had with the knife....
Have these latte protein drinks I get from a bariatric website and they have this plastic film on them that has to be removed partly to get the lid off.  WELL, the last couple of times have been awful.  I took to stabbing the knife under the film line and the 1st time I just sort of poked the webbing between the thumb and fore finger on my left hand on the inside.  A good  poke and it hurt like the devil!  THEN the next day I did the very same thing!!  Yes, I did, can u believe? except this time it was in almost the same place but on the outside of the webbing and about a 1/4" slice..  I thought the 1st one hurt, geez of pete!!!  THIS one really hurt.. then hit it with water when washing anything and it set off a storm.. and ache, boy howdy.. how in the world would one explain such a stupid thing had it got infected and one needed to go to the doctor?

Well, dear son took me aside and showed me an easy way to open them with a church key by scraping down the side of the bottle, works well and no poking !!!  the hand is doing well, almost all healed... and I feel I will survive... but still don't know why it happened two days in a row, I AM a slow learner... but had been doing the same thing for weeks before that with no probs...  it is a puzzlement....

Take Care All & God Bless...  stay away from knives!!


  1. I have what I call clumsy days. Seems to go in a cycle.

  2. When something is just so difficult I tend to get irritated and that's when I hurt myself. Glad your son found a better way. I know you wish Patti lived closer. Sure would be nice to have such a great companion in your own home town. LOL at drive by and shove Patti out. :-)