Saturday, August 2, 2014

Around here!

This is all that is happening!!!  It is so very hot and muggy... tonight it is all dark and ugly all around, but we are just getting spittings of rain and nothing measurable..... the light is yellow out there...  most all day it was just really still, no wind at all, nothing stirring,  spooky..  fans are going like craazyy!  I just go from one fan to another or make short outings so I can get back.  the doglets are just stretched out anywhere they feel a little coolness I guess.... Carl will go outside and jut sit there with his nose in the air, looking this way and that.. I try to keep the grass watered in the back yard so it gives a little coolness for them and is not just dry and dead feeling.... they seem to like it, but still don't want to be out there for any length of time by themselves, so I go out and sit and try to see what it is they see ???
Brian got me a huge blueberry bush and it is doing quite well, but the darn blue jays are now discovering the berries and getting into it...darn birds!!!
the hollyhocks are all going to seed, wonder how many I will have coming in next year?  they are over 7 feet tall!!! I staked/tied them up but they still eventually all fell over and sag, next year will have to plan better from the very start, to keep them upright.  they were really neat tho for awhile there when they were standing straight and tall and starting to bloom....  Want some of the pretty pink ones tho too....  want to start peonies too....  LOVE those, but think they take awhile to get established and bloom...
Been watching "Hell On Wheels" all day,  on AMC- getting pretty grossed out by the sickness, dirt and murder/mayhem.... the wild wild West..

Take Care All


  1. Lori, we put some peonies in a few years ago. Got them as root stock that was already about 8 inches or so high. They did really well, and grew to be big and busy. They have such nice beautiful big flowers when they bloom, but they sure don't last very long. They do make for a nice green row of plants, though. You'll like them, if you get some.

  2. I spent yesterday trying to catch up on Hell on Wheels before the new season started. Didn't quite get all the older episodes but recorded everything and will finish today.