Sunday, August 31, 2014

This Morning in the Garden!!

What in the world happened to the one on the right?? Looks like something was wrapped around it, but not there when I picked it or even 1st saw it....  a mystery

 Love the Echinacea!!  Hope they survive the Winter here.  Got these at a nursery so maybe they are a bit healthier and acclimated??

The zucchini are wildly going crazy,  got these 4 today and there are MANY babies on there.  One of them got ahead of me and got really big, did not even know it was out there, hanging around  :)

Hey, guys there is a CHILL in the air for sure, if you were no sure before, you are now.... Clear blue skies and 69 degrees, gentle breeze, perfect out there.  Been out hoeing again, those little weeds come out after a little bit of rain, they just love it!!

Went to the dump yesterday and got all the limbs unloaded.  Had to wash the little pick-up as a flock of birds apparently flew over and let loose...  :0  Icky-do

Look at those little buggers peeping out!

Just all over the place on each plant....  such pretty things, so satisfying to have them and they doing 'their thing'

Take Care All... Enjoy these halcyon  days of entering into Fall!!!


  1. Zucchinis are prolific, that's for sure!

  2. We sold our home and have been full timing for eleven years - one thing I do miss is my yard - love digging in the dirt and watching things grow.

  3. I was going to ask you what you did to that poor thing on the right. I've never been a gardener but I was lucky enough to have friends who were willing to share their bounty.

  4. You are the zucchini Queen this year. I thought the pinkish flowers were cone flowers. That is what we call them in Iowa. Maybe they just resemble each other.

  5. The zucchini bread looks so goodQ I've been thinking about making some, but with my trip to NY taking up most of September I will just wait until next year.

  6. I have an echinacea that I planted a few years ago. It wintered over but just couldn't seem to bloom. Then this year it is about 4 feet tall and blooming like crazy! I used to grow them so easily in Spokane/Coeur d Alene, and their winters are colder than ours. Go figure. Must be the forest thing.