Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Carl to U-Wash, both of them got nails trimmed, back home and made MORE zucchini bread, 1 loaf to give away, and banana bread... the recipe was ALL messed up, must not have written it down right, called for shortening 1/2 cup but put a cup of butter in instead.. it turned out pretty darn good!  Then to Culver to deliver some clothes, I just do not wear an x-large anymore..  :)  in sweatshirts and sweaters, maybe, as I like them loose and big enough to wear something underneath of them and not feel to tight or claustrophobic...  still have more left over to take with me to Corvallis this week-end for friend there..  also made a crockpot of stew.  Brian did not eat it all by the time I got home...
Friend, Tanya in Culver has a HUGE  German Shorthair, he must weigh over 100# and he was scared of Luci.... guess she is just a nasty little thing, she knew right way too and did not do her drooling thing when around a big dog and feeling insecure..
Tomorrow evening is 1st yoga class.... have appt with optometrist too, such bull that health insurance does NOT cover vision, apparently as we age, we do not need to see???  I could get my other cataract 'done' then they would let me have new glasses  :) ( I have congenital cataracts I have had since birth, never any probs but as I age the eye around them has deteriorated and have been told if I get them removed eyesight will greatly improve and it did when the left was 'done'.  That was about 10 years ago...  geez did not realize that it has been so long ago... maybe I should look into it  :( maybe the surgery has improved.  That shot was something I never wanted to have to do again, so very scary)
Take Care All


  1. Loree, I have shopped with you. You are mostly a medium unless you want extra room or length, cause you are a little taller than me, well, a lot taller! Strange how our mind's eye sees us so differently than our friends! And, with today's clothes, sometimes, I am a 12-14 and some days not!

  2. Congrats on being able to give away clothing. I have the opposite problem. I used to be a small and now I'm not. So I'm resisting buying larger clothing. There's only so much room in the motorhome but I'm down to slim pickings in the clothing department.

    Boy a cup of butter would make almost anything taste fabulous. I'd like to be there to help you with that and the stew. Glad Brian left some for you. LOL