Thursday, September 4, 2014

Game Night

Decided to watch the Green Bay/Seahawks game tonight.  I have been to Lambeau field, like the Packers and like the Seahawks, West Coast team and all..  It has been a good game.  But geez it takes like an hour to go thru 4 minutes left in the game?? How does that happen?  (altho in talking with my Iowa/Washington friend I kept referring to the Mariners and she had to gently remind me to call them the RIGHT thing on my blog!) hahaha
ooo, it is getting to be a really uneven score... Go Seahawks!!!!  Green Bay just can't seem to hold them back...
Well, where was I going?  Brian came out from taking his shower and says "mom!!! you're watching the football game!!!  You would have made someone a good wife!!"  hahaha   NOW that is hilarious, is that the only criteria???  Obviously it did not work.....
Yardwork today... got a load of bark chips and will spread them this week end.  Put in some mums, I LOVE those, Fall surprise.  A neighbor gave me some bleeding heart and anemones  (I think)  so nice of her... just saw me out there and asked if I wanted some as she had ALOT and they were seeding and spreading like crazy.  Put those in the backyard, for the shade... hope they do ok... 
Take Care All


  1. So maybe that is why my anemones do not do so well, they are in more sun than shade.....,.,

  2. Having to watch football didn't work for me either. ;)

  3. Love bleeding hearts and anemones. Hate football. Such a gladiator sport. Grown men trying to hurt each other so they can get a stupid ball between two poles. Ridiculous. Among my criteria even for a boyfriend was "doesn't watch football". LOL