Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oh, Goodness....

Luci was sitting in my lap, whilst I was partaking of some SunChips.  Giving her one, once in a while.  Brian came home...  OH NO....  what to do?  the loud stereo is playing,  the car door is opening, she could hear it all.. footsteps... (he always gives them both a milk bone when he comes home)  Garage door opening.  You could see the wheels turning, she was watching me, watching the door,  she is quivering... you could just see the wheels turning WHAT was she going to do????  Chips in hand or the bone?  Should she jump down or stay? Head turning to me, to the door... back and forth.... which way to go?  I finally crumpled the little bag, she knew were done, down and away she bounds..... faster than fast....  just as the door opens....  :)


  1. Love this. Food is such a overpowering force for doxies. Skittlez gets a sore neck from whipping it back and forth between Jim and I to see who is going to cave first.

  2. That is so funny! Dogs are ruled by their stomachs, aren't they.

  3. She's right on the ball. Good Call Luci!!!