Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rainy Trip

 This is what I saw today, it is still raining outside here in Redmond...
But I am happy for the rain  :)   !!!
 Went to Salem for a little memorial service for my Aunt, Ruth May Morrison Wallace.  She is the last of our family of that greatest generation.  She lived in San Antonio, Texas for the last 17 years with family.  She would have been 92 on Monday.  It is very sad to have her and all of them gone, so many, many memories of times gone by.

The leaves were beginning to turn on the mountain, some very vibrant, some not so much...

This one was sort of split right down the middle, and those brown dots...
I have leaves down in my backyard and now they are getting all soggy and stuck together.  Of course Luci does not want to go out AT ALL....  she looks at like, really..  her little tail/butt wags and she wants to go back inside or NOT go out at all..  Carl just shakes it off, like what is this nuisance?
Took 45 min to get thru Sisters, traffic backed up like crazy,  right at 4pm..  ODOT working on the road....  really, there is not a better time??? Then could not even see what they were doing when went by there, geez.  I want some results!!!!!  for my wait.....
Poor Brian had to work in the rain ALL day, he was soaked all the way thru to his underwear and shoes a mess..... on days like this he says it would be a good deal to have a higher education and some 'inside' skills   :)    Would that make Mom right??? hmmmm
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Sad about Aunt Mary. Nice you got to have a memorial service closer to home than Texas. LOL at your Brian story!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your Aunt. Love the first shot of the turning leaves and river!!! Enjoy these beautiful days of fall.

  3. Beautiful river picture Loree. So glad your Aunt's service was close by so you could easily attend. It is sad when we become the next generation. Seems almost impossible. My father is 94 next Friday and there are so few of those WWII greats left. It seems that we have become the me generation rather than the greatest generation. Sad thing to say about us and our children.