Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Been reading Louis L'Amour.. the Sackett books, have gone thru Sackett's Land and the Far Blue Mountains.  Now into The Warrior's Path.  I have Jubal Sackett...  THEN there are 12, yes TWELVE more!!!  My Dad had a bunch of L'Amour books, one of my brothers got all of them.  Dad was trying to find/own all of them  ( and L'Amour was very prolific in his writing, there were even books that came out after his passing, which his estate published) and was always on the hunt.  I am going to try to find all of the Sackett books  :)  It is the hunt that is a part of the fun.  I found three of these books at an antique store in Redmond (for $2 each) and a friend got me the very 1st one.  The time line is the 1600's in this series and then through and into the late 1800's.  The settling of America and how that relates to the world in general.
I really like them and as the books have gone along the writing is getting better.  Lots of action and adventures.  There could be more description of places/houses but he gets across what things look like and the feel is good.  Hardly any romance  :) women have their place but are brave and adventurous too.  Men are men!!!  And good triumphs over evil.  Isn't that what we would all like to have happen?  I know I do.
I DO have to put them down tho, to sleep and to clean house and do the things needing to be done in daily living...   :)  sometimes I can ignore that tho.
Take Care All

p.s. today had to leave, go to the post office and could not find Luci, so just figured she was under my bed, she has taken to going under there lately  ????  BUT, when I came home she was in the backyard, heaven only knows what kind if a fit she had been throwing, good thing I was not gone for very long!!!!  Must have put her out, then forgot where I had left her, geez.. am I getting forgetful or what???


  1. Scooter would love to be forgotten outside and Skittlez would let the world know she wasn't happy at being left out there. My brother-in-law loves L'Amour. My sister finds his books at garage sales.

  2. The Sackett series is my favorite and Connnagher.

  3. I read some of those books when I was young and I must have enjoyed them to read more than one, but I can't really remember much about the characters or plots. I don't think I would read westerns today.

  4. LOL ... I do that with mine sometimes or just the opposite where I THINK I forgot to let them back in the house only to find them sleeping in their favorite spot. I hope Apple eventually comes out with an instant memory app.