Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Lushness of Fall

 I love the fullness that comes to the yard just before the freezes start, everything is full blown and seeding, lots of blooms, green, green grass after a hard rain.  The deer came for a visit this morning or last night, saw their little hoof prints in the damp ground.  They munched on the zucchini leaves, but not so much that there is not enough for continued growth of what is left.  Hoping I get a couple more veggies off the plant.
The snapdragons, mums, geraniums....
Got the 1st bit of leaves off of the backyard.. I have not forgotten the agony of bagging all of those leaves.  But, practically, it is impossible to pick up dog leavings in the yard, when it is hidden by dead, fallen leaves.  It was not so bad, got almost a bin full and it is a BIG bin!!!  Good exercise too!! Stretching, lifting..  moaning/groaning

Then had my nail appointment to keep.. been going outside my level of comfort by getting different color on them the last two times.  Last time rosy-grey, and this time, this color, it is not black, but a deep burgundy.. we will see how it goes, with some wear.  Today I am happy... and not too distressed.... (normally I get French tips, which is clear with white tips, so color is a GREAT departure for me, who does not really like change so very much)
A stop at Fred Meyer for gas and groceries and chili for supper ended the days chores  :)

Take Care One and All....  Everyone traveling from one place/spot to another..  be safe


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  2. Beauty abounds outside and in at the Sunshine Cottage!!

  3. Just the the word "fall" makes me feel cooler:) Not so fond of the word freeze:(

  4. It is fun to see your yard and remember when you first moved to this little place. So much work and so much accomplished for you. The nails look great! I can't imagine gardening with pretty nails like that. Amazing.

  5. Your flowers are beautiful. That looks like such a wonderful place to sit. But I'll bet you hardly ever get to sit with all that work. That's how it was on the farm. We had great mountain views and porch rockers we never had time to sit in. But our guests liked them. :-)

  6. I'm so glad the deer didn't eat your cone flowers, they are beautiful.