Saturday, September 6, 2014


Went to  class today at Sew Many Quilts.. (one of the 'go to' quilt stores in the Central Oregon area, there are about 6 of them, I think)  on how to prep and work with wool.  This is how far I got....  I was not clear on the prep part, which is the very beginning of any project :)  !! And sets up for correctness on getting the project completed in good order.
The leaves are not yet on it and have to do all of the 'stitchery' on it.  But have the first part prepped and ready to stitch and THAT is a good thing....

To the left is my next project I am going to prep. Isn't it just too darn cute???  Maybe I will just prep all of the kits that I have bought over the years and that have been languishing in a bin somewhere, now that I know how to start..
Prepping means, to trace the pattern onto heat 'n bond then iron onto the wool, cut it out and then iron it onto the wool background, so it is stable and does not move about on that background whilst one is stitching all the little, itsy, bitsy parts permanently onto the wool.
 I did one of the candle mats years back when in Navarre, Fl on my RV trip, so it is not like I haven't done them before or never worked with wool, BUT I never had any formal training and was just unsure of things needed and how to go about the starting of the whole process.  Once you know all of the steps and have the tools and materials you need, it does not really seem that too terribly difficult and look forward to completing many exciting, cute projects.... so hold your horses, count your pennies,  I am on the way  :)

Take Care All


  1. "Woolies" are fun to work on. I prefer hand sewing projects to sitting at a sewing machine.

  2. Love the wooolies! The apples are good enough to eat and I always eat mine without the leaves.