Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back Home

Lighthouse flying into Boston

 Boston skyline....  Old North Church.
 It is so amazing to be in the same place as Paul Revere and Sam Adams.  To maybe have touched the same banister or walked in the same steps.  And these places and streets have been here like for a LONG time....
And all up and down these streets people live.... walk about, go to work, try to park their cars  :)
It was just a warren of buildings, bricks and cobblestones...

This is a window in the Old North Church.  Pretty huh?  Changing leaves in the background and wavy, watery glass.....  old

This is Fanueil Hall.. and it was really important  :) I just can't remember why  haha, it was a meeting place for the 'rebels' there were demonstrations and speeches in the plaza out front...
 The building to the right was on the street behind the motel, our window looked out onto it.  There were little businesses on the ground floor and then people lived in all the apts upstairs, in all the windows.  People sitting by the window watching TV, lights on and off, windows open/closed, busy people walking on the streets, which were cobbled/brick.  There is certainly no handicapped accessible codes here, for sure.  One of our group of little old ladies fell in the street, not hurt tho, fortunately.
We had a really good time, ate a lot, lobster and crab cakes and clam chowder, yummy.. it was all so good.  So many things to see.  Caravan Tours is top-notch, great hotels.  I am sure I would not have been able to afford some of them had I tried to stay in them by myself and was not a part of 'the group'  There were activities and things to see every day, lots of traveling hither and yon.  Was in Massachusetts, Conn, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine.  Went back n forth into Mass 3x.  Got sprinkled on and poured on.  The tour director and driver were wonderful, full of life and infinite information.  I asked for a UCONN t-shirt and he got me one thru an employee of the Hilton in Mystic, Conn who had a friend who worked at a mall.  Also got one of my urinary infections while gone and had to get to a pharmacy and they made that happen (lucky me.. yes apparently I am THAT person who causes problems)  BUT was not the one who got lost and was a no show at one of the pick up places and had to have a mad dash/hunt made for them  :)  You get 47 people together and you get drama and just, life happening.  It was fun.  Memories galore.  More pics in days to come
Take Care All


  1. That looks like how I remember Boston from many years ago:)

  2. So glad you made it home safely! Any new snow in the Mts? You can check off more states - seems like you have been to almost all : )

  3. Your photos are great! I have always loved Boston and the photos brought back lots of good memories.

  4. I haven't visited Boston since I lived in Connecticut for a couple of years in the mid-1970s. Thanks for the memories!

  5. I loved Boston. I was there many, many years ago. Maybe when Paul still lived there. haha Sounds like you had a great adventure

  6. That sure sounds like a great tour. What a wonderful thing to do for yourself. I just love love seafood. So envious of your eats

  7. Oh it would be awesome to go to Boston!!! LOVE LOVE the photos...MORE MORE MORE!!!
    Thanks for posting for those of us who may never get there!!!