Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Clothes Swap!!

Went to Corvallis over last weekend.  The Dress Barn was holding a clothes swap.  This past Spring I had taken some clothes, well, LOTS of clothes to Corvallis to share with friend Carol and many of them did not work for her, so she suggested I donate to the clothes swap.  For each article you get a coupon. In the Fall when all of the clothes were collected there was a swap.  For each coupon you can chose an article of clothing.  They have the place set up like a store, on racks and everything by size.  Sizes from petites up to size 4x.  I got 9 pieces I am really thrilled with.  Three really nice Jones New York jackets/blazers, nice little sweater, assorted tops- 3 t-shirts, and a skirt.... also went to a couple garage sales and an estate sale...where I found 2 primitive wooden geese for the yard.
It was a beautiful, wonderful day, warm, sunny.. perfect!  We hot tubbed that night, fun....
THEN Saturday I drove home.  Was trying to get from Lebanon to hwy 20 (?) the North Santiam.. and somehow missed my turn and wandered about for miles..... I had never gone this way in this direction before, have done it from the opposite- east to west, not west to east, and boy did I mess up.  The gps was not doing what I wanted it to do TALK to me, just brought up a lame map!!!  Just kept going in the general direction of where I thought I needed to go and eventually ended up in Stayton, which is a good thing, but not near the turn off by the Gingerbread House where I wanted to be.
I went over there by way of the Sweet Home pass and it is an awful, windy thing, with LOTS of log trucks and did not want to do that again...  I always over time forget how bad that road really is, altho a beauty in its own way.. NOT for driving and no way would I take an RV over it!!!
Flowers were from Carol's house and covered bridge was in my wanderings, bet I could never find it again  :)
Take Care All!!!!

Haha....  look at the giraffe peering between our shoulders....

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  1. We go to Lebanon quite often because Dave likes to play golf at Mallard Creek Golf Course. To get to Corvallis from there, you probably should have turned off of Highway 20 onto Highway 34 West. Oh well, I guess you got there eventually! ;-)