Thursday, October 30, 2014


The weather was just about perfect here. The leaves underfoot, the rock walls/borders
It was quiet, peaceful walking down this walkway towards the Concord bridge

Isn't he pretty?  He posed just so for me, when he noticed I was going to take his picture.

The bridge at Concord.
All the houses coming into the town and in the town itself were very old, well kept.  One could almost think they had just been built in that certain style. Some were pointed out as having bullet holes in them from the Revolutionary War.  The holes were painted over a different color from the house paint color and there were plaques by them... weird claim to fame, huh?

This was the house were the people could see the 'redcoats' coming across the field..

A rich and varied history for sure

Look at the different colors in each leaf, it is really something to see.  think I would like to get some sort of a maple tree for my front yard.  Don't think I would even complain bout having to rake the leaves.. haha.. but then there are no fences out front, so there is the hope they would blow away to someone else's yard  :)  Have been thinking on it as need some shade for the bedroom window.  At some times of the year the sun just SHINES in there and wakes me before I am ready to be awoken  :)

We went to ALL of these places that I have mentioned so far in my blog in just the first day, it was a very FULL day to say the least.....

Take Care All


  1. Your picture of the leaves is outstanding!

  2. You have picked the perfect time to be there Loree. Your pictures are really beautiful. I was once an American Studies instructor and visited that area several times but never heard of the bullet holes being painted to show them off. Really interesting.

  3. I have always loved that area, in all seasons. Your photos are capturing the essence of the place.

  4. LOL ... sorry but I have a different opinion about raking leaves.