Friday, October 17, 2014


I forgot to tell about the ROSE!!! that picture was in the post yesterday!!  How could I DO that???  Was in Costco and the flower lady was walking by and gave me the rose told me to have a good day, wasn't that the nicest thing ever... or....???  do I look like a little old lady that needs a rose to brighten her day????  I took it was a special thing, positive NOT negative  :)  haha  seems like I have been getting a lot of deference lately, do I need that ? don't think so, I am or have not gotten old or older just because my hair has turned almost ALL white  this summer and I have lost weight, and can't hardly pick up my 20+ pound doggie!!!!  oh dear......  am not feeble or dottering about, although my son thinks I am and continually says I have 'all timers'
The rose made me happy
Take Care All & God Bless
I am off!!!!!


  1. All of that from a nice lady in Costco giving you a rose?

  2. I'm sure it was just a nice gesture on her part. Maybe she's paying it forward because someone did it for here. But I'd toss my son out on his ear if he told me I had "all timers". Little ingrate. Or actually big ingrate. That's what you should say.