Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hold Over

 You would think I had it all together???  But--no.. found this morning was low on dog food, dangerously low and 'cookies', so had to go to Bend.  Well was already going as had a lunch with the 'ladies'.  Then to Costco for chewable probiotics and milk bones.   To hospital for chewable bariatric vitamins, as they have good ones!!  Also like to get a new CD when I go on a trip so had to get PINK 'You & Me' she was on Ellen and it was a very good song... Nice, slow, sweet, romantic.

I just think that since I have been planning this trip since April, have it all paid for and have been packed for two weeks, I should be able to get out of town easily and not have last minute things to do, it is NOT as if I as NOT planning and this was an unexpected spur of the moment thing, you know???  Just sayin'..  One would think

Here are Carl Pictures to tide you over until I get back  and Luci, of course.... she always looks like I beat her or something.....

Take Care All

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