Wednesday, October 29, 2014


 Our fancy pants bus!!!  It would even lower itself, when we stopped, so there was just a little step to the roadway...
this is where the shot heard round the world was fired.  This flag flies 24/7..
This is where we first saw some real 'color' in the leaves.

Statue of the minute men

Lovely church on the square...

 There was even this guy, in costume, telling the story.
After this we went on to Concord, which was just up the road.  There was another guy there too at the Concord Bridge.  It was interesting... there was lovely color in the trees there and the light was wonderful, pics tomorrow...  also a house right on the battlefield that is still there.  Can you imagine being in your living room, looking out the window and seeing the 'redcoats' coming at you over the field that you labored over for years, now to become a battlefield.  We have not had this since then, except for the Civil War, but that was not a foreign aggressor.  We have been very lucky as a country.  To not have to undergo this.  Many other countries have and still do.  And I am not forgetting the terrorism of the Twin Towers.  That was not seeing a field of men advancing with arms toward your home.

We were all taking pictures like we were never going to see another tree or leaf again  :)

Well going to go out and rake more of MY own leaves......  oh dear.....

Take Care All


  1. Looks like your leaf-peeping trip was very successful. I do miss those red colors that we don't get here in the Pacific Northwest.

  2. I have never heard of a bus that lowers itself when stopped. You're not kidding it's fancy!

    The tree is gorgeous, and I've never seen anything like it in the west.