Friday, October 31, 2014

Plymouth Rock

 Grand, isn't it?  Inside and down on the sand is the rock itself.  It is about the size of a Volkswagon Beetle!  Not big at all.  Did they land right there, then step onto this tiny rock?  Who knows?  But it is a part of our folklore, therefore, sort of cool,  don't you know.... haha... so been there, seen that, can check it off the bucket list or the book, 1000 places to see before you die!!!!  BUT it is certainly housed in a GRAND edifice!!!

My first lobster roll, it was luscious!!!  Lots of mayo, not dry and melt in your mouth, on Texas toast, that was not too much..  later one was dry and stringy and on a HUGE bun.. good thing the first one was perfect.  AND this is a case where the tour director called ahead, told them we were coming and they were ready for us, and there was not a long wait for the food and there were enough people to wait on us....  sorry don't remember the name of the place, by the bay right there by the famous rock..

And this is a replica of the Mayflower, there were 102 people on board this small ship.... geez Louise, glad I was NOT on that tour, the accommodations were cramped/crowded and took too long to get where they were going!!!
This was also on the 1st day!!!!  On our way back thru Boston and south to Hyannis, where we spent two nights and the following day went to Martha's Vineyard....

Now it is raining, leaves still falling in back yard.  Was going to get up for 8am yoga...did not happen, rolled back over and stayed home and cleaned instead  :)  oh, another day....

Take Care All

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  1. I love all your pictures, but was surprised at the size of Plymouth Rock. I bet they just took any old rock years later and said "This is the one". The replica of the Mayflower is certainly beautiful, but I agree I wouldn't want to have traveled so far under those conditions.