Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday in the Hood!!

We had some wind today and FINALLY the neighbor's tree fell over!!! Missed his neighbor's pick-up tho,  a good thing.

 Does not look like the car was injured!!  But NOW maybe he will have to do something with the tree, certainly to get the car out so he can go to work, but that is not until Monday.  There is always one house in the neighbor hood, where they don't do anything and this is the house.  Right across the street from me..  The neighbor right next door to me was lamenting that now they could actually SEE the house and all the mess on the front porch.  This tree has been dead the whole time I have lived here and they never did anything with it.  Saw him once reach up and pull a branch off and throw it in the back of the pick-up that sits perpetually in the driveway, along with another car.  There is another pick-up in the back yard along with a boat on a trailer and another boat trailer.  No yard work ever done.  The woman comes and sits in the car that sits in the street and listens to the radio now and again... weird carryings on around there my grandma would say  :)... 
This is the walkway in front of the next door neighbor's.  He cleaned up all the under growth this year and it looks really nice.  Love the color of the trees in the Fall..
I had gone to a stamping class, then to Sisters for the Harvest Faire and when I got home,  there was that tree.  Was really bummed I did not get to see it actually fall, that would have been cool!!!!

Here is my little house with leaves from the trees in the back yard.  They blow ALL over the neighborhood  :)  Bet people just LOVE me!!!!
Take Care All


  1. Your house is very cute! Looks as if that tree's been dead for a long time. Lucky it didn't do more damage! Seems as if every neighborhood has one house that looks more like a used car lot--and the people who live there have personalities that are a challenge. So sorry you have one right across the street from you--yikes!

  2. Very strange goings on over there. I can't imagine the town will let him just leave the tree like that. I love your little house. It's beautiful.

  3. Your house is so cute. I would hate to have a neighbor like that. Such an eye sore. Good luck looking the other way!!