Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tree Update

WELL, low and behold the cross street neighbor with fallen tree got out there yesterday afternoon and took that tree down.  He even had some help.  The 'help' had a trailer and carted off most of the wood of the tree, BUT the rootball is still sitting in the yard along with all the debris of a dead tree, needles and many branches and what not, just laying in front of the house.  Wonder how long that will be there.....hhhmmmmmm
Raked more leaves in back yard, after the wind there were quite a few and lots of little branches.  Have the yard debris bin full again  :)  Also went to see "The Judge" with Robt Duval and Robt Downy Jr... it was a very good show, not happily ever after.. but ok.
Take Care All


  1. Maybe the neighbors could not a pool on when it will all be cleaned up and let him have the last slot (with the earliest day!

  2. I'm surprised the city or county let him leave that dead tree like that for so long and now to clean up the mess. Irritating when someone doesn't keep up their places

  3. He is seriously lucky his car wasn't crushed or someone hurt who would sue his pants off. Wonder if the root ball will stay there forever and weeds grow all over? Sounds like his style.

  4. That movie left me emotionally exhausted.