Friday, November 7, 2014

Eye Update

Pictures from Mystic, Conn

I did go to Orion Eye Care..  In Redmond, I really like them.  They were referred from my 'normal' opthamalogist. That is where I went for the 1st eye about 10 years ago.  I had congenital cataracts.  I was born with them, Plus have an astigmatism .. not far or short sighted, just can't see well overall is what I have been told.  the cataracts never got any worse, BUT as I got older the eye around them got old too :) and there was nothing to correct unless the cataract was gone.  I have been getting really tired eyes, could not read for any length of time. Could not see thru view finder on the camera.  And the right eye was trying to compensate for what the left was not able to see.  Seems to be no problem for the insurance to cover the procedure.  Today the eye is really feeling good.  Already had the 1st check-up, all was OK!!  Which makes a person happy.  Some of the drops really sting, but they say that is normal and I had some prism stuff going on to the left of the eye but tonight it is gone, also normal.  And boy-howdy, things are certainly brighter and much more detailed to see....  It is exciting.  And remember I have never seen without the cataract there, so it is always a big shocker when things are so very much clearer... that is the way everyone else sees..... wow!!!!
4-6 weeks tho before can get an exam for new glasses.. so am limping along with what I have , which are wrong now, but it will just be that much better/nicer when I am able to get corrected lenses  :)
Take Care All


  1. Glad things are looking up-no pun intended:) Great pictures!

  2. It's great that you are feeling better today and you will be happy when you get your new glasses.

  3. Wow Loree this is wonderful. Thanks so much for the details. I haven't had mine all my life so maybe that's why, according to my doctor, they aren't bad enough for insurance to cover removal. So glad it has been so successful for you.

  4. Yes, that third eye drop stings, at least that is what David tells me. He mentioned it to the Dr. and they just smile ;-) He will be so glad to be done with that one!!! Besides the drops, the only other thing that he didn't like was that he couldn't drive as soon as he thought he would be able to. They said the next day, but he had swelling in his cornea on the second can't drive till he is released to do so. Being a truck driver, that he wasn't expecting to be off work this long. But, since he can do anything, now, except drive....I have been the recipient of a lot of honey do's!!

    Keep getting better and better!!!

  5. So happy to hear that your eyes are getting better. I love that first picture of the three boats.