Sunday, November 30, 2014


Today I finished projects in the works... the little snowball pillow and the blanket stitched candle mat.... (that unfolds 4X as large as shown, it is folded)
Also put out the pillow to the right. I made this years ago at another class.  It is all flannel and would have been much better had it been out of wool, but that is what we did at the time  :0 cute little snowboarder and skier....  Also finished another photo album  hope those go over, they are sure a pain to do... take forever.  AND what was I thinking to NIT put the year on those old film and negatives.  I mean 8-30 and 4-12 mean not much years later!!!!
Almost all of the turkey is gone.. Brian got in the leftovers and ate all the dressing!!!!  What is turkey without that dressing??? It is supposed to even out for heavens sake!

Take Care All & God Bless


  1. I'm with you, sure wish I had put dates and names on my pictures. You are so crafty. But I'm not sure how your things survive Luci. I put out a new pillow and Skitz immediately thought it was a toy. Good grief.

  2. Love your little snowman pillow. LOL at Brian and the dressing. Guess we know what he likes. Guess he didn't think you might want some too.

  3. I also love the snowman pillow.