Monday, November 10, 2014

Four Freedoms

Freedom of speech

Freedom to Worship as you want

Freedom from Want

Freedom from Fear

Roosevelt stated these four freedoms in one of his speeches... what he hoped for all Americans.. Norman Rockwell took them and ran.. made these four wonderful paintings that were HUGE!!! They were displayed in a room/rotunda of their own at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass...  a wonderful town, right out of his paintings.  Many of his paintings were of and in the town and area and featured his neighbors.  He is truly a treasure.  We had a great day there.  Ate at the Red Lion Inn, a wonderful Inn in Stockbridge.  Would love to stay there at some time.

Just felt the Four Freedoms were apt for Veterans Day, tomorrow.....

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Very apt post today, Loree. Thank you!

  2. So happy you were Stockbridge and really glad to hear that perhaps it hasn't hit the 21st Century yet. I just love Norman Rockwell and collected his magazine covers at one time. I wish the world he depicts still existed. I wonder what he would paint today?

  3. Norman Rockwell could get to the heart of a subject or even a whisp of an idea. I love the 4 Freedoms that you write about.