Monday, November 24, 2014

Leaves leave

Finally got rid of all those bags of leaves.... they were starting to 'ferment' in those black bags  AND I got 'told' I needed to secure my load when coming to the dump.. what?  oh, well, next year.  They never said anything about it last year.... weird, must be having a bad day to yell at an old lady  haha
It was very muddy there and they had chopped up most of their pile that was there and it was really stinky... how can just trees/leaves/branches, organic matter like that smell???  Just glad we did not get stuck and are safely home and those leaves are no longer in the back of the pick-up!!! OR in the yard!!!  Supposed to have snow again the beginning of next week.. great..  yet supposed to be high 50's next couple days...  weather.....
Been finishing up projects from the Santa Workshop last Saturday.. fun, fun
and finished reading Up Country by Nelson DeMille.. interesting twist and got to 'see' Vietnam, North and south, very descriptive.. murder mystery..
Made Brian 'help' with the leaf taking and final grocery shopping for Thanksgiving.. I'll do this for you doing that sort of thing,  the deals we make  :)
Take Care All


  1. I just throw my leaves in the regular trash - I doubt it matters if they end up in a landfill. All I have are those little crape myrtle leaves that drive me crazy!

  2. I rake my leaves around my trees and over all my plants and use them as mulch. They break down pretty nicely into compost if you leave them in black bags over the winter. Glad you got some help from Brian.