Saturday, November 8, 2014


leaves everywhere!!!  Got 10 bags.. huge bags, not counting the 7 bags already in the back of the pick-up, BUT 10 bags just today!!!! AND am all done, as there are no more on the tree!!! yea!!!
Also dug up misc poppy plants here and there around garbage cans and in the driveway.  Mowed the lawn for the last time.  put clippings on the garden area....  Have some carrots in there still and they are GOOD!! But beets not so good and very small  :(  that did not work out this year....
SO... got something done today and the yard looks fab!!
Take Care All


  1. Leaves are NEVER done, Loree, doncha know...not till the snow flies. They always find their way into your yard somehow. Take care

  2. Love the change of seasons, but I think I had a terrible allergic reaction to the leaves this year. Or something in the air. I've been laid up for a month, and am still not feeling up to par.

  3. Congratulations on being so productive. I feel like a slug now!

  4. Good for you getting so much done!!!