Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Liked the movie.  But I always  like a good 'space' movie.  Don't really 'get' all the space continuum, black hole, worm hole, gravity verses time thing tho  :)  my mind just does NOT work that way.  Give me a good 'love' story and I can understand it almost at once, as if I know anything about love!!!  ha!  But knew right away where "The Best of Me" was going.
Went an saw this at IMAX.. I know, I know.. lots of money, BUT I enjoy it!!!  ( they have said on the talk shows to not wait and see this on a tv, as you need the big screen for all the effects, and that is SO very true)You could feel the thrusters of the space ship thru the seats in the theater,  the rumbling was so loud, it just infused your being, One would imagine that would be the way it is when you are blasting off in a space ship,  right???  Well, anyway, it was fun!!
(unfortunately, I was the one in the theater that forgot to turn off their phone and sure enough during a quiet time, fraught with meaning and emotion, my phone rang!!!!  Geez!!!!  how could I forget and sorry, sorry.. really NO one EVER calls me!!
It was a good show, love me some Matthew!!
Yes, go see it,  it was good, time well spent
Take Care All


  1. OMG! I would have been mortified to death to have my phone ring in something like a movie theater. That is one of my secret fears - that I will get a call sometime at the wrong time. I get so few calls to begin with, it has to happen to me some day.

  2. I always leave my cell phone in the car in public places. I don't want to talk to anyone that badly. So sorry your one call came at such an inopportune time. Thanks for the movie review. I'm so out of touch I'd never even heard of it.

  3. Just forgot I had the phone!!! never need to talk to anyone that badly either!!