Thursday, November 13, 2014

Snow Day!!!

 Yes, you are seeing right.. last week end it was 60 degrees, then  you have today!  Never did get all of those leaves to the dump!  Now have to wait for snow melting...  snowed off and on all day and now we are getting frozen rain, more snow expected tonight and tomorrow.  No mail and had to shovel the sideway!!!  Good thing I am in good health and spry...  haha  Planes have been cancelled at the airport/  Redmond School dist was closed.. BUT I still got my pedi done, they moved the apt up 4 hours due to many cancellation and I am flexible  :)
There is also a hiker stuck on the Middle Sister, really???  Someone obviously did not read the weather report.  He fell and they had to suspend recovery due to the bad weather and night coming on.  Would not want to be in his shoes!!!
I am here, I am fine.. but should not have been so lazy about going to the grocery store for staples like yogurt and cottage cheese and getting those leaves to the dump!!!
Take Care All


  1. Wow Loree it's not even mid November. How much snow did you get? Is it going to melt in a day or so??

  2. All I can say is Yikes! and to be honest-glad that I am not there:)

  3. You got way more snow than we did. It snowed fairly hard for a couple of hours then turned into freezing rain.

  4. Oh my, Loree. We just got home to Rocky Point this afternoon, and while there appears to be a little bit of leftover snow on the side of the road, everything is clear here. Just a little over 100 miles south from you. Amazing. We will probably get it tonight.