Friday, November 14, 2014

Snow Views

Opening the garage door this morning... geez!!!

My front walkway

Brian doing the LONG sidewalk....

Driving to Bend this morning... Once you got out of the 'little' roads and on to the main arterial roads it was not too bad, but getting out there was awful, My little element does really good, has  realtime 4 wheel drive.   A neighbor has a little front wheel drive and it was going no where, another neighbor towed her to the Albertson's parking lot and she will walk there in the morning so she can get to work.  Does not sound fun to me, in the whole scheme of things it is not that far, but in the cold and snow????  Getting down to 3 degrees tonight, but heating up to 40's next week, so it will not last too long.  It is just that people have to be places, to work, so forth and it just makes it SO hard to do the simplest of things.  
We went to Bend for Bri's pay check and to pay his bills, I wanted to 'see' things and had been stuck in house for 2 days AND I made him agree to take me to the grocery store.. yogurt and cottage cheese was still on my mind  ;)
Got the yard shoveled too in the back for the doglets  :)  they were running out of room right next to the house!!!  There are NO little doggie prints in the yard at all, they do NOT venture very far, when the snow is as deep as their tummies!!!
Had put the can out by the road last night b4 the big dump and sure enough the garbage guys were here and did their thing.... altho we have NOT seen  ANY snow plows on our street.... it is going to be lovely when it melts....
Take Care All.... we are warm and shoveled out  :)  life is good, grateful I am able to still do that kind of 'work'


  1. Sounds like you have a great attitude about all that snow. I spent most of my life with that stuff, now enjoy it thru others:))

  2. At least the snow looks to be light and fluffy. Don't have any here...yet. It's all around us it seems.

  3. We will get some tomorrow just in time for my afternoon hike!

  4. Time for an investment in a snow blower? Jim always had to go out and shovel a spot for the girls when it snowed. It's amazing how strong their bladders get when it's so cold outside.

  5. The snow looks so beautiful! I'm not sure I'd want the extremely low temperatures, but I'd sure love to see some snow.

  6. Wow that snow looks deep and 3 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrr. And I'm complaining about a low of 29 and heading south south south. Glad to hear you are warm and shoveled out. You do have a great attitude about it.