Saturday, November 1, 2014

Today at Sunshine Cottage

There is NEW snow on the mountains!!

 The leaves are almost ALL down in my yard.... raking has been going on... and on
The Fall wreath is on the door!! Has been for a couple of weeks now in prep for Halloween.  No trick or treaters  at our house :(  Brian  says they were all downtown.. he said thousands were at the card store, the owner bought 20 bags of candy at Costco, you know those HUGE bags and only had 3 left at the end of the night....
There are only 2 kids that live on our block area here in the little cul de sac and you never see them, think they have them tied in a closet all the time, only let them out at certain times, and have not figured out when that is... Can't imagine kids in the house all the time, don't they ever play or get rambunctious???

Trees on the back road on the way to Wal-Mart

This picture was pretty good the veining, the light and dark, sun shinning through.
We have wind today BUT sunshine!!!  Which is a good thing... Lots of Halloween stuff at Wal-Mart..all marked down, people were just going crazy getting stuff, for next year???  Can't imagine shopping the day after for Halloween things  for goodness sake.  Would have to get costumes a size bigger? then remember you had them and where you put them, seems like too many moving parts for me to think ahead that far.. Xmas is bad enough and you are not getting costumes for Xmas just decorations and that stuff is all sort of together.  Guess I have never really gone all out for Halloween and don't have a box designated just for that holiday, just sort of catch as catch can, maybe a pumpkin or two is all.....  I just felt the whole scenario was weird......
Take Care All.... Blessed Hallows Eve


  1. Your leaf photos are so pretty. We had new snow Friday am also. Has all melted today!!! I'm sure more is on its way.

  2. Wasn't it a gorgeous day! We have snow on our mountains around here as well, but still haven't had a hard frost at home. Your leaves are so lovely.

  3. "Too many moving parts..."--that's funny! Your photos are gorgeous--the leaves have been nice this year. Is this the time of year you would typically see snow up in the mountains? If your neighbor kids are like the kids I see in my practice, they're likely on their 'devices'. Kids these days have a nature deficit.