Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Checking off that list

Christmas cards all done!!  BUT have NO envelopes, don't know how I got into this situation, but don't have enough to finish, so a trip to Office Max is in order.... want to get craft brown color for a more 'homespun' look....
Then I made the little candy covers for favors, thought they turned out really cute, Brian even made a nice comment  :)  HA!!

Now tomorrow can start on the tree... My niece in California has her HUGE tree all up, even a cute little tree in her daughter's room.... I don't work and am not that organized... this year there is a week less time too as Thanksgiving was so late in the month.  So tomorrow, clean, tree up and make some cookies..... don't think the trip to Bend will take place for a day or two as we are having some horrid, freezing rain, freezing fog weather.  So will wait for some no icy weather/roads.
Not much else, dogs in and out, eat, read, craft, pick up, laundry...you know life here at Sunshine Cottage  :)
Take Care All.... hope you are all having a Blessed Holiday Season!!!!


  1. So very very cute Loree!! When you work full time you have to be organized - when we don't work we don't have to be organized.........I know that for sure!

  2. You are so creative. I just love the things you make. I used to decorate everywhere when I worked. Now that I'm retired I don't want to decorate at all.

  3. I retired at age 55 and don't think I've decorated since then.

  4. Beautiful work. Organzing is over rated.