Friday, December 12, 2014

Festival of Trees

 Hospice has a Festival of Trees every year, there is a big gala and the trees are auctioned off, black tie event and dinner.  I don't go to that, but do go to the 'free' viewing that is a couple of hours in the morning prior to them setting up for the 'BIG' event.  they are very different, about 20 trees or more and wreaths...  It is neat to see and get ideas for decorating, altho many of them are not what I would actually do  :)

 This one was really 'shiney'  

the tree at Ihop had tinsel in with the fir needles and it was really 'shiney' and sparkly

Most all of the trees, have topper things on them, like lots of feathers or big bows or some such thing

This one was very bright and fanciful with the different colored birds and butterflys and sort of glowed from within with the lights.....

Just think they are all beautiful in their own way.

We had WIND yesterday and the electricity was off for a couple hours,  AFTER I had gotten the house all cleaned.. which was ok as I could just sit in the cleanness, enjoy and read my book and enjoy the quiet... really quiet, you know the house sort of humms all the time with something or the other on, and it is really quiet when everything is OFF... was starting to get a little cold and then everything was ON again, and I had to go around and set all the clocks and tv and the Monitor heater,  but all I thought of to do or eat involved electricity somehow or another, so had to have a sandwich.... and sweet pickles..... oh well

Take Care All


  1. Really lovely trees Loree and fun to see who donated them. I notice the quiet too when the electricity is off and when it snows. I don't think we realize how much noise there is in our lives. We don't know what real quiet is any more. Does everyone have the robot thing or just me?

  2. They are all very pretty but I like Santa's Sweet Shop the best. It figures.

  3. Gorgeous trees! One of my sisters has been retired from Madigan Army Hospital for years but she still decorates the tree there. I've never seen one of her trees but she has a theme every year & I'm sure they're beautiful!

    We had a wind storm Thursday night & lost our power. It came back on at 1:34. The very still house all of a sudden woke up! You're right--we don't realize how 'noisy' a house is until the power goes out.