Friday, December 5, 2014


Boy was it foggy today..... did not have camera, but then what are you to take pictures off,  greyness????  Got to Bend and NO fog.. weird..... by the time I left about 4p, it was starting to drift in...  Costo was all in a tither.... so many people, got the last of the negative reprints, so that is done. yesterday had the oil changed, now need to rotate tires-again.... and there was a recall on an airbag, so having that replaced on Tuesday. BUT..good news, I was dilly dallying about Old navy and the eye place called, my glasses were ready, so went there and do not have to make an extra trip to get those...  sometimes, things just work out, sometimes not  :)
Take Care all


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  2. We've had fog for the past three mornings. It's eerie here in the forest. I've gotten some interesting pictures of things in the fog including the owl. I actually like fog if it doesn't stay around too long.