Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Usual

Just the usual post Xmas 'stuff'.  Shopping for xmas paper for next year and LOTS of sales...  what to get, what to get.  Maybe I should just stay at home.  Which is what it think I WILL do!  Got new sheets and bath towels, good deals.  And some jeans for half price with all the discounts!!! Love getting a 'deal'..  Think the tree will come down tomorrow.  AND will just 'get rid' of all the goodies that seem to have congregated at my house, where did it all come from?. 
House needs a spiff up.  That always seems to happen. 
Darkness sets in early this time of year.  Today we had some spots of sun, but was mostly a leaden sky and has gotten cold, cold.... think I am going to start an afghan, that will keep my hands busy.  TV is the pits, Winter doldrums and reruns, already??
It is 5:30p and Carl is waiting at the door for Brian to come home.  He is in for a long wait.  Guess it is when he is supposed to be here, huh? 
Due to the holiday, the garbage man was here today, weird to hear them on a Saturday.
Nothing going on, just the mundane stuff, so will close.
Take Care


  1. There are 'groups' called 'jeans anonymous' if you feel you are ever in need.......

  2. An afghan sounds like a good way to deal with leaden skies and cold cold. Those two things exactly were what drove me to find somewhere else to be for the winter. It's been leaden skied off and on here but at least it isn't cold.

  3. Yes, sitting in a warm house knitting, while it's so cold outside, sounds pretty nice.
    Have a Happy New Year! :)