Sunday, December 14, 2014

Movie Review

Went to movies today with the son... after church...  Brian said it was good, good story....  :)  they took a lot of license and some things were not historically correct,  like some of the tombs were in the wrong place and were not yet built, and they tried to explain the plagues.  Which was sort of weird....  but it was good, entertaining...  You don't want to go against God, or take too long when he wants you to do something....
(this is the 1st time I have gotten a fuzzy picture off the internet, weird, but u get the idea)

clear blue sky today, and COLD

Take Care all

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  1. I am going to see Exodus with my Daughter & SIL this afternoon. So while others are out finishing last minute chores, I will be relaxed doing something with a little bit of religious context to it. I had heard that it didn't strictly follow the Bible, but I'll just accepted it as somewhat exaggerated and be happy with that. Hope you and Luci have a very Merry Christmas.