Monday, December 8, 2014

Xmas parade

Sunday morning... Mt Jefferson Near Culver, Oregon..  cold out but certainly beautiful!!!!
Fresh snow!!

There was a heavy layer of fog.. that moved in and out

A night parade is a different thing.... the one in Madras Saturday night was 12 minutes long....
This was the MOST decorated one...  lots of work!!

This is the end of the parade..  emergency vehicles are always at the end of every parade in Central Oregon.  Is that the same everywhere?  Don't think I have been to a parade anywhere else.. oh, the Rose parade in Portland.. ends with fire trucks... the ROSE parade in Pasadena, don't remember what it ended with.. THAT was a LONG parade.....  what?  do they expect there to be emergencies along the route???  We whooped and hollered at each entry, they came and participated, they deserved some recognition  :)  we got candy thrown at us!!!!

Take Care All


  1. No, Emergency Vehicles do not end every parade. Usually a police car here

  2. I love electric parades at night. Our parades were small town, day time and had every fire truck around all through them to make them longer. LOL