Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Carl is doing well...  while we were gone to Iowa he had what in a human is a stroke?  It was very scary for Brian being so far away and thinking his dog was on his last legs.  But the Vet at Cinder Rock Veterinary Clinic in Redmond was very good with Carl, with the lady watching our pets and with us on the phone. Carol, our friend and pet/house sitter was right on top of things and knew right away that things were not right with Carl.  He had a laser treatment on his left side.  He still has some residual weakness, stumbles a bit and looses his footing at times, but that has gotten so much better since we have gotten back and everyone is pleased with his progress.
We just get so complacent with our pets, day to day, not realizing there might be something drastically wrong, they can't tell us, we must be diligent. I hate to think we may have failed them in some way.
His check-up today went really well.  In the picture he was growling at me, don't know what I was doing he was taking exception to.. silly thing

I had planned on getting them in when we returned for just the yearly check-up and overall concerns I had.

Luci has a fatty tissue forming on her back, but we are watching it and they did not seem to be too concerned.  BUT they were not happy with her weight and we have got to do something about that and am sure it will not be fun for either of us  :) She also has some anal issues that we have to address and she needs dental surgery also.  I have always been concerned with her teeth and in the past have had them checked, but she has gotten to the point where they need a cleaning and she also has a broken molar... sooooo we are in the process with all of those things, going towards making her healthier and happier...

It is sad seeing them not quite as young and perky and perfect as they once were, but the spirit is till there, the love abounds and things will be good and we will carry on....

Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Oh man - that would be hard if I was far away and something happened to one of the girls. I am so happy to hear that Carl is doing better. Dogs just carry on with life no matter their problems. Our girls have lots of fatty tissues and so far none of them need to be worried about. You will be amazed at how much better Luci will feel when she even loses a pound or two. We had to get Scooter's weight down and she does so much better now. Skittlez had a couple of teeth pulled last year but it hasn't stopped her from enjoying her food.

  2. Pets are family, too. Glad Carl is better. Poor Luci, I am sure a decrease in her treats and food will not go over well at all!

  3. Oh no, Carl had a stroke. I'll bet you were all so worried since you weren't there. So glad you had such a good pet sitter. It is sad to see any members of our family get older and not as spry including ourselves. Hope that Luci can lose some weight. I think it's really hard with dogs since when they are heavy they don't exercise as much and if they don't exercise as much all you can do is cut down their food. They hate that. I remember the elder years with our animals. Lots of vet bills for lots of things to keep them in good health and comfortable but it's a small price to pay for the love and companionship they give us. Hope to hear good things about both of their health.

  4. I think it is so difficult watching our pets grow old in such a few years with us. I hope both your dogs have a lot of happy years left.