Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Crows, Antelope and Windmills

No pictures!!! This about missing those pictures and we have to keep them in our minds and hearts. (because we are moving down the freeway at 90 miles an hour and are not fast with the camera)

The crows:  In Nebraska, 3 crows on wooden fenceposts, all in a row, against the buff color of the dead wheat fields.  So stark looking, there were a lot of crows, getting at the road kill one would suspect, as you would see them in the road, at a kill, then they would flurry away from the car at the very last minute!!!  But those 3 sitting on the posts, just waiting their turn.

Antelope:  This was in Wyoming on the way to Iowa, there was snow on the road and in the wind, very, very windy, snow blowing and drifting.  Way high up by Elk Mountain there are  really large snow fences, I think to keep the snow from drifting onto the highway.  there are large drifts on the leeward side of the fences, I turned my head to the right just to fleetingly see I am sure hundreds of antelope bright redish/brown color and stark white of their faces and chest. They were bedded down, some standing, some laying about, all alert, watching...with those drifts and blowing snow all across the fronts and inbetween them.... it was a beautiful fragmented picture.

Windmills: Outside of Cheyenne, Wy.. west of town... rows and rows of those giant  white windmills, lit up by the rising sun, against the horizon, which was dark and ominous looking, AND each had a red light blinking on its top, all in a row, blinking each and all together.....

Oh!!! and also Elk Mountain and the Medicene  Bow River Valley... Love that area.. Elk Mtn is singular and huge and covered with green/dark trees (which is different in itself in the area as trees are few and far between)  and always seems to have its own weather at the top (DID get a picture of this and will have to share later)  You drop down into the valley and there is the river winding around and stark leafless trees standing out, bordering it.  A Rancher was out feeding and the cows were all in a row getting at the hay, the truck was slowly moving among them and down the field, what a very lovely, lonely place to live.  Have been thru here in the summer, and it has its own beauty at that time of year too.  But the Winter was special, very, very cold, you could tell by the breathe in the air from the cows and the lingering, blowing snow with the sun shining down, and crisp blue skies.

Take Care All...there are wonders out there to see!!!


  1. I travel alone and sometimes I miss the most exquisite photographic shot because I can't stop and play with the camera. If I'm on a 2-lane highway and no other cars are in sight I might try to pull over onto the shoulder for a quick shot, but usually there is some reason why I can't do it. Those beautiful sights we just have to keep in our memory.

  2. With your descriptions of the antelope, I do not need a picture. I can see it in my minds eye. Same with those cows!