Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Lincoln Memorial Rest Stop in Wyoming on I80. Just really like this rest stop and we were here really early, hardly anyone here and it was heated!!!
Truly a pretty place and the hwy was cleared and not slick.
There was a great sunrise

Today was lazy and went well, Luci and had our first walk and she settled down early and I did not have to 'pull' here the whole way, only went like half a bloc and back as did not want to over tax her.  Made chocolate chip cookies, part of my austerity clause :)  did not buy any and if I want some have to them for myself ..  haha.... yoga tonight too, went well or I am getting better, which?  don't know.  Have yoga at the gym on Friday morning and will see how that goes, the park and rec ones are more towards learning and not to terribly hard I think.. at least there are not a lot of the 'sun salutations' which just kick my butt, whereas the gym ALWAYS has them and lots....
Weather was wonderful, once again, today!!!!

Take Care All

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  1. Anytime I've ever done yoga I always struggled to keep up with Sun Salutation. I'm sure I looked about as un-graceful as you can get.