Thursday, January 29, 2015

Green River Area

Really like this area, there is the Flaming Gorge Recreation Area.  Would love to go and spend some time looking at these rocks and hills, everything looks pretty bare and dead right now.  The river runs right through the town.  Green River, Wy

Blew right thru this mountain to make the road.... what must that have been like?

Brian was driving here, so I was able to get some decent pictures...

There just does not seem to be much to say for this place, but I am more of a desert person than one that wants greenery all over the place, all of the time.  Forests are sort of confining to me, dark and scary, can't see for any distance at all.  Can't see what is coming at you :)  Most of the time in the desert you can see forever..  We saw lots of antelope on this trip and one huge herd of really big deer (no, not elk) on the cut off to Pocatella...
Oh, and there is nothing like the wonderful smell of the desert after a good rain!

Take Care All


  1. Diversity is wonderful, and fortunately our country has every climate and habitat possible. I have to live in flat Sacramento most of the time, but my heart will forever be in the eastern forested mountains.

  2. It is interesting how people seem to gravitate to various landscapes. I've heard many people who love the desert talk about the dark confining forests. Some folks prefer the mountains to the flat shore land and others adore the ocean side. It really is wonderful that you can live in whatever area sings to your soul.