Monday, January 5, 2015

On the Road

In rock springs, Wy.. what a day.  up at 3am, left house at 4am.. Doglets were VERY upset!!  Could not get Luci into the house after she escaped into the garage, a cookie finally did it, she is SO food driven.  No problems with the road except for in Ontario towards Boise.  Slippery, Idaho takes better care of their roads tho. was a vast difference from Oregon I84.  The hill before Snowline, Utah was a little slippery too.  Roadside snow all the way. THEN got to the top of the pass in Wyoming and NO snow at all, even alongside the road!  Was darn shocked....   But we shall see about the rest of the state, then there is Nebraska!!!   And looks like oldness is acoming...
We are on the way to see friends in Davenport, Iowa.  Young kids, aged 4 and 8, I did not get to see last year and they had a new baby too!  Will be 6 mos old! So re-acquaintences, meetings, meals and fun...
Take Care All
it is snowing in Iowa as I write this... geez


  1. Safe travels. If I ever need to travel to see family in IL in the winter, I will probably take the train. I do not like driving in the wintry weather.

  2. I wish you clear roads to Iowa and back. It's an "iffy" time of year to drive in those states.

  3. Safe travels to you and enjoy your visit.

  4. Oh yes, travel safe. Mo and I were just talking about you this morning and she asked if you ever travel without your motorhome now. I laughed...of course! But I didn't expect your very next blog to be about traveling to the Midwest in Winter!