Friday, January 16, 2015

Views of Chicago

On the way in, trying to find Wacker St!!! Just before we went underground, that was sort of scary being in the bowels of the city...

Here is the Chicago River, with ICE on it...

Nothing need be said..

Below is Lake Michigan

Asked to get a picture and this is how they posed!!!  So cute, huh???   There was snow on the ground and it was windy, but not really chilling... It was a really good day, altho long, and that museum, of Natural History had SO many interesting things in it.. A person could spend ALOT of time in there.  Had to pick and choose.  Of course saw the Eygptian, and the Early Americans, the gems,  wow!!! most of the jewelry was from one or two women's collection and they had LOTS of things, beautiful, wonderful things!!!!

Brian looking at the city in the setting sun..

Some of the totems in the Early American exhibit, they were wonderful...

More of the city.  A person can walk all around the building and see many different views in all the directions, you can also see the lake, all the traffic

This is in deference to "Judy" and her always, saying this is the END!!!!

What a beautiful building the museum was, how in the world does a person even going about planning such an edifice and put it on paper and make it happen is beyond me, such a HUGE building and so very imposing.

They had a canopy over the front steps, one would imagine  to keep off the snow, but it was melting and then the chunks were sliding off the top and it was a weird sound!! Really did sound like it was going to get us and then one section after another was falling as we were moving forward and towards the inside, each section would fall off, following us... weirdness!!

Take Care All, we are heading home on Monday!!!


  1. Love seeing your Chicago pictures, Loree. Safe travels to you!

  2. It's been quite a few years since I've seen that 'end'. Saw it a lot as a kid growing up in the Windy City!

  3. This brought back good memories of our Winnie rally in Chicago-of course without the snow:)