Saturday, January 3, 2015


Well.... would not go out and buy this movie, and would not go out of the way to see it again...  It IS  a Grimm fairy Tale after all. NOT for kids for heavens sake.  There is a Prince "I was raised to be charming NOT sincere" who marries Cinderella but then dallies with the baker's wife!!!  It is supposed to be a fairy tale not real life  :)  the witch goes into oblivion in a rather horrid way. The baker, Cinderella, Jack in the Beanstalk and Red Riding Hood conspire to kill a giant, but a woman giant, not a man.. why would it be better if it was man?? and just sad that it is a woman, upset over her son's death at the hands of Jack!!!  Rapunzels Prince is blinded by the witch, who kept her 'safe' in the tower, is that how the story went?  Can't remember.  Then the wicked step sisters of Cinderella are also blinded and one has her toe cut off and the other her heel, so their feet fit into the magic slipper to win the Prince, but he see's thru that, of course he does.....  It just went on and on.. there was one funny part where the two Prince's are splashing around in a beautiful river with rocks and falls, singing about the agony of loosing their true love, one upmanship of love and loosing... THAT was sort of cute... and the baker was a stand up guy with some morals... but, listen guys, that is about it  :)  Of course Meryl Streep was very good as an evil witch. AND it is a musical... Nothing wrong with that, just sort of odd. As sometimes they remembered that and other times, no singing. But it is two hours of my life I won't be getting back....
Tried to go see this on Christmas day and they were sold out and we saw The Imitation Game instead, THAT was a good show, about the guy who made the 1st computer to break the 'inigma' the German machine to transmit coded messages..  these British guys DID break the code and ended the war they estimate 2 years early at the saving of millions of lives....
Today I got tickets on Fandango and used my phone to check in at the ticket taker inside the theater, that was way neat to do!!! No line!!!

Take Care All & God Bless!!

p.s.  added about 4 hrs later!!!
forgot the worse, worse part!!!  the Big Bad Wolf, played by Johnny Depp.. would be interested if anyone else saw this movie, any comments??  was VERY uncomfortable with this part, like the wolf was a child molester....  it was just beyond icky!!!  he was like licking his chopps, about the tasty morsel and how plump she was....  really... there was innuendo there that was not appropriate.. I felt. Yucky, yucky.....


  1. My my my Loree - I believe you are on your way to techiedom.....

  2. Thanks for the movie review - I'll be skipping that one!

  3. Our friend, Dianna, went to see this and she hated it also. One of the worse movies ever in her opinion. Saves us some money because we won't be seeing it.

  4. Me too. Thanks for the warning. I'll skip it. Why would an actress as good as Meryl Streep do such a sketchy movie as that.

  5. Well, this is interesting. Mo and I went to see this Broadway show at the Shakespearean Festival in Ashland and we loved it. It was creative, magnificent acting and singing, and gorgeous music. We plan to see the movie, but won't be surprised by the plot because we saw the play. Grimm's Fairy Tales, the original ones are all pretty dark, and the bawdy side of all of it wasn't a surprise either. If you were expecting something lighthearted I suppose that it would have been a disappointment. I must say, we were NOT the least bit disappointed when we saw the show in Ashland. just another perspective here, Loree...hope that is OK. and of course, the Big Bad Wolf is just a shadow of something pretty evil...eating children for pete's sake...but that is the nature of fairy tales after all. Most of them really aren't for kids unless they are Disneyfied.

    1. Well, that is all true... guess I am more a prude than I thought... and everyone has a different take on things and that is ok!! :) have Grimm's fairy tales before and knew it is not happy and something GRIMM in all of them.. it was just shocking I guess is all I can say :)

  6. My understanding is that the fairy tales were written to warn little kids from disobeying their parents. They seem to have bad things happen when the children didn't follow the rules or made a bad decision. You know? I've never cared for fairy tales. This doesn't look like a good show to me - too bad, because I love Meryl Streep and it's a good cast.